AVIBEX operates in the installation services since 1986. We carry out mainly the construction and assembly of mobile phones stations as well as the construction works of: adaptations, complex repairs of facilities including: plumbing, air conditioning, electric. We build  towers, masts, industrial halls. We are a company specialized in the installation in hard to reach places such as buildings, high mountains, areas without roads, using helicopters for this work.

We are also preparing the investment process, i.e. arrange all the paperwork from the design phase to obtain building permits. We currently employ 40 skilled workers with permanent staff of technical supervision and administrative law.

We completely execute:

1. Conduct documentation and legal formalities from design to obtain a building permit;

1a.   Acquire potential sites for mobile phone network facilities, the conclusion of a lease or purchase.

1b.   Designing, legal and formal issues including building permits.

1c.   Carrying out the formalities connected with obtaining permission to use.

2. Assembly of steel and reinforced concrete structures:

  • masts
  • towers
  • Industrial halls.

3. Corrosion protection of steel and reinforced concrete structures.

4. Works in the performance of "turnkey" mobile phone base stations in the area:

  • earthworks
  • drainage trench
  • foundation
  • electrical installation and wiring
  • fences, driveways, landscaping
  • other works and general construction services

4a.   Erection of mobile phone base stations in  area of:

  •  foundation
  • implementation and installation of constructions
  • electrical installations
  • electrical power connections
  • landscaping
  • other works and general construction services
  • servicing of mobile phone base stations in the full scope of the review

5. Install using helicopters in tight spaces and in the absence of crane mounting options, in the mountains -ski lifts, tall buildings and structures, buildings in densely built, power supplies, air conditioning.

6. High-altitude climbing works

7. Wiring and commissioning transceiver devices including the radio lines.

8. Other associated services

  • the design, manufacture and assembly of steel construction and telecommunications industries, including the construction of a high towers, masts, antennas, industrial buildings, high-rise buildings steel components
  • high-altitude assembly using helicopters and cranes
  • repairs and corrosion protection of high constructions
  • construction and installation of transceiver stations for: radio, analog and digital telecommunication
  • implementation of special orders according to the requirements of the investor

In our work we use materials approved for use in Poland.

We have our own workshop and technical facilities.

We guarantee timely and high quality of services provided by our company.

We put at your disposal professionalism and the potential held by the company