We're not afraid of unusual projects and we fully realize that such projects require the application of unconventional methods. That is why, we are the only company, which uses helicopters as aerial cranes for rigging work. Altitude rigging work with the use of a helicopter is our trademark and our flagship operation. In this particular area, our expertise is comparable to that of the companies in other EU countries or to US businesses. 

The excellent organization of project work and the right training of our personnel, means we can prove time and again that the use of a helicopter for precision rigging work at altitudes is both safe and cost effective. 

Here are the advantages of using a helicopter:

  • savings of manpower used for transporting and preparatory work
  • high costs avoided (i.e. building of temporary access roads, of technical infrastructure and facilities necessary to start-up the construction site - all of which become redundant once the project is completed)
  • we handle all the permits related to the use of a helicopter, to rigging technology, logistics issues, the safety of personnel and facilities
  • existing environmental protection guidelines may be met (i.e. those banning the logging of trees at the construction site)
  • rigging and assembly may be accomplished in difficult and impossible to reach terrain
  • rigging and assembly possible in densely built-up areas (cities, industrial zones)
  • savings of time